CryptoPeeps is a collection of 100% on-chain, pop art CNFTs. Each peep is hand-crafted and completely unique. The artwork files are stored directly on the blockchain – no IPFS. All tokens are CIP-25 compliant and render when parsed directly from the chain.


The CryptoPeeps project has many new and exciting features to look forward to. Our team is hard at work bringing these ideas to life, as well as brainstorming new ones with the help of the community. Here’s what to expect over the next year.

Founder & Artist


The peep behind the pixels. Founder, creative director and sole artist.

Order Management


Sourcecode swimmer, maniac minter, peep connoisseur, customer service du jour.

General Manager


The peep putting all the puzzle pieces in place. Keeps everybody on task!

Social Media


The peep behind the tweets. Adept navigator of the social-sphere.



The peep keeping our Discord community humming and happy.


    How to order

  • Step 1: Place Order
      1. Only one NFT can be purchased at a time.
      2. A valid email address and public Cardano wallet address are required to checkout.
      3. Payment instructions are immediately provided following checkout.
  • Step 2: Make Payment
      • Payment instructions are immediately provided following checkout (They are emailed as well).
      • Send the exact amount of ADA to our wallet address.
      • If no payment is made within 24 hours, the order is cancelled.
  • Step 3: Order Fulfillment
      • Once your payment has been confirmed, your order is placed into the queue.
      • We can fulfill 300-500 orders per day. Delivery in some cases can take between 5-7 days. We appreciate your patience.
  • Order & payment support
      • If you have questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected]. During high-volume periods, our response time will be slower.

    Common Questions

  • What if I sent ADA to the wrong address?
    • Sending ADA to wrong wallet address will result in a lost payment. Please double check that you are sending the correct amount of ADA to the correct wallet address.

  • Can I cancel my order?
    • Yes. You can feel free to email us directly at [email protected], or let the 24 hour payment period expire which will result in a cancelled order.

  • Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
    • We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Once payment has been sent, the transaction is final. Orders that are not paid for within 24 hours are cancelled automatically.

  • What if I didn’t receive a “Payment Instructions” email?
    • Check spam folder. Gmail filters certain messages into “Social” and “Promotions” folders. If you cannot find the email, contact us at [email protected].

Contact Us

Work with us

We’re looking for passionate artists, engineers, designers and developers to collaborate with us on future projects. Get in touch by sending a message to [email protected].