Minting Info

Minting will reopen on Feburary 20th. We support two kinds of minting Snipe Minting and Random Minting. Snipe minting enables users to purchase specific CryptoPeeps for a higher price (100 ADA). Random mints costs 50 ADA.

How to Snipe Mint

You can browse the remaining "available" CryptoPeeps in the gallery. When viewing a CryptoPeep, click the "Snipe Mint" button to get payment instructions. You will be required to send a specific amount of ADA to our wallet address.

How to Random Mint

To mint a random CryptoPeep, simply send 50 ADA to the following address: addr1qxptuzh474scvpd870nnfzenqkx63evtx07a0gm07yfejrzsdh6l497vsyjcewgnh75qyzuy3z3rk84n4u2n6dzj7gss9payrh

Our Story

CryptoPeeps was the the first on-chain PFP project on the Cardano blockchain. The project officially began in early March of 2021. 7 months were spent developing the artwork and minting tech for the collection and at the end of September, the project was finally launched.

CryptoPeeps is an OG classic staple that every hardcore Cardano NFT collector should consider owning at least 1 of. To listen to a detailed version of the project's backstory, checkout this Chainlobby Twitter spaces interview with @TheOnChainGuy about the project.

Our Team

Founder, Artist, Developer
Community Manager


Wen mint date?
Minting will reopen on Feburary 20th.
How many CryptoPeeps can I mint in a single transaction?
Customers can mint an unlimited amount of CryptoPeeps, but we only allow customers to mint 1 CryptoPeep per transaction. Customers who send more than 50 ADA in a single transaction will receive 1 random CryptoPeep along with any excess funds.
What does "on-chain" mean?
"On-chain" refers to data that is stored directly on the blockchain. NFTs typically store their image data off-chain (i.e. IPFS), wheras on-chain NFTs opt to use the blockchain itself as a data store. In the case of CryptoPeeps, the image file for each token is embedded directly in the NFT metadata itself.


To contact our team please join the Peepverse Discord, and open a support ticket.