#PeepLore (Lore Tokens)

We’re excited to announce the official minting of #PeepLore tokens. This is a novel concept in the CNFT space. Lore tokens inscribe the names and backstories of CryptoPeeps from across the collection onto the blockchain.

#PeepLore is a collaborative, hilarious and endlessly entertaining activity that is open to the entire community. Anybody can write and submit #PeepLore or help with brainstorming or editorializing. The creation process is completely open-ended, but when it comes to the final mint…the original token owners get to make the call about the name and backstory. Join our Discord to collaborate on #PeepLore!

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#RealPeeple Portraits

Our #RealPeeple portraits are peep-esque depictions of real world people who have commissioned portraits from us. Anybody can reserve a portrait – it’s first come, first serve. Portrait tokens are minted under a separate policy, but the image file will still exist directly on the blockchain similar to regular CryptoPeeps. We will begin fulfilling commissioned portraits following the successful sale and minting of our flagship collection.

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