Step into the Peepverse...

An amazing collection backed by a fantastic community. Join the Peepverse today!



The Moon Room

A palatial moonside estate where our most distinguished holders and community members congregate to chat, share alpha, discuss strategy and more!


The Mothership

The Mothership is our main community hub. Holders gather here to socialize, get the latest updates, join competitions, share memes and fanart + much more!


The Moon Mart

The Moon Mart sells a wide variety of products and services to the community. Holders can accumulate and spend Moon Dust here.



Missions & Competitions

Have a blast and win prizes with our missions and competitions!


Lore Tokens (Coming Soon)

As we learn more about the backstories of different peeps, lore tokens will be released to the community.


PFPortraits (Coming Soon)

CryptoPeep holders will get exclusive access to our PFPortraits minting service when it launches.



1st On-Chain PFP Ever

CryptoPeeps were the first on-chain PFPs ever minted on the Cardano blockchain. These historic pieces will hold their value forever.


Gain Exclusive Roles

Holders receive exclusive roles and privaleges within our community based on their collections.


Join Exclusive Factions

Certain peeps grant access to the different Peepverse factions. Faction members gain access to faction exclusive chats, content, giveaways and more!


Earn Moon Dust

CryptoPeep holders get the chance to accumulate Moon Dust daily from within our Discord. Moon Dust can be spent in the Moon Mart.


Exclusive Perks

Our team is working on multiple projects and CryptoPeep holders will always receive preferential treatment when it comes to receiving early access, discounts and WL spots.