The CryptoPeeps roadmap is structured in a "Kickstarter" style meaning certain development objectives will only unlock after the "minting progress" criteria has been fulfilled. Concerning these objectives, the development of the much anticipated animal peep collection is at the top of the list for us. In addition, we'll be working on adding activites and locations to the Peepverse that add interactivity and further embellish the OG collection. Beyond that, depending on growth and minting progress - we'll explore merchandising and gameification.

On the community side, we hope to create fun and engaging spaces for the entire peepfam to hangout, interact, learn and socialize. We'll be introducing a brand new role/faction system to our Discord to spice things up and add some depth and RPG elements to the whole Peepverse experience. Roles and factions will grant users with exclusive access to private chats, events, giveaways, airdrops, claimables, minting opporuntities and more. Our community spaces will primarily be web and Discord based.

Objectives & Priorities

  • Build and deploy new automated minting system.
  • Build and deploy revamped website and gallery.
  • Revamp roadmap system and objectives.
  • Develop Peepverse roles and factions.
  • Develop Peepverse locations and activites.
  • Develop and polish Peepverse Discord community.
  • Deploy Peepverse Twitter bot.
  • Develop lore fragment content a.k.a "lore tokens" (contingent on OG 10k minting progress: >= 5000 minted).
  • Develop animal peep collections (contingent on OG 10k minting progress: >= 5000 minted).
  • Develop physical Peep merchandise (contingent on OG 10k minting progress: >= 7,500 minted).
  • Develop encased NFT collection (contingent on OG 10k minting progress: >= 10,000 minted).
  • Develop gameified Peepverse experience (contingent on OG 10k minting progress: = 10,000 minted).
  • Release official rarity (contingent on OG 10k minting progress: = 10,000 minted).